Thursday, November 25, 2010

BGMI Collaborates with Laney's Restaurant in Manchester, VT.

On Thursday, December 9th, Burr and Burton’s Global Minimum Initiative will be collaborating with Laney’s Restaurant, located on Depot Street in Manchester, Vermont. Laney’s has graciously agreed to donate 100% of its profits to BGMI’s fundamental cause: buying mosquito nets for locals in Sierra Leone, West Africa. One mosquito net costs only $5 through the organization we buy nets through: the Against Malaria Foundation. See our donation page for more details:

Come and enjoy a variety of delectable dishes that Laney’s Restaurant offers, all for a wonderful cause! Check out to glance through their course selection and prices! Know what you’ll have days before you visit!

BGMI has been working diligently to brainstorm ideas to raise money for mosquito nets that will involve the whole Manchester community: middle schools, high schools, and now businesses. Our first annual BGMI/Laney’s Restaurant collaboration begins in December! In the future we hope to involve many more businesses within the Manchester community; we’re trying to promote a global cause, but at the same time, we’re unifying our local community. And thus far all has turned out as planned.

Stay tuned for upcoming BGMI events, some of which include:

Our second annual middle school BGMI benefit dance. This year we hope to change our location from Maple Street School to either Burr and Burton Academy or Manchester Elementary Middle School.

BGMI Week at BBA. The week before Winter Break BGMI will host a variety of events at Burr and Burton, one event each day for the entire week. Ideas have included having a poker night, a karaoke night, and a concert involving local bands.

Malaria presentations at middle schools. Last year our group members each did research on a different aspect of Malaria; we then brought what we learned to local middle schools (MSS and MEMS) and gave PowerPoint presentations to students in grades 5-8. We will be doing this again this year, hopefully to an expanded number of schools! We’ve revamped our presentation and are now including YouTube videos from this past Summer’s GMin distribution!

Thanks to all of you who have supported our cause. We will keep you updated on our events as frequently as possible. If there are no announcements on this blog, check our wiki!